Cigar Bands and Cigar Descriptions

Here is where a collection of cigar bands will be posted.
The  Goal is to add a large collection of bands for viewing
pleasure with brief thoughts without a full review.
Keep checking back as more are added.

H. Upmann:  This cigar has been around for years.  A stand by favorite for many.
Great for new smokers as well as long time smokers.

Famous Cigars Nicaraguan 1000: These are decent smokes

Caridad:  These cigars were a basic mild to medium smoke.  Nothing drastic in flavor profile
I said "were" because I think these were a close out.
Alteza  You can see a full review Here.
Cuban Sandwich:  These are ok..for the yard.  Nothing complex...I belive these are short filler
Pyro:  I had only one or two of these so they are hard to judge but from what was smoked they are mild to medium and not allot of big flavor here.
Perdomo Remainders:  A good deal and the flavor was decent if you can get em.  They burned great and smoked well.
Villar Y Villar:  A stand by cigar.  Used to be sold in boxes but I think they are only available in bundles now.   If this keeps the prices down fine.  They are good cigars.  From what I have had out of the bundled selection these arent consistent in construction or wrapper color, and once and awhile a tight draw, but the flavor is there and the price is right.
Indian Tabac Cigars are great.  The Corojo Classic is hard to beat in flavor.
Flor Del Todo are very affordable.  They have rustic wrappers and arent that consistant
but for the money you can fill your humidor with these for cheap.

Sancho Panza are decent cigars.  I prefer the double Maduro they have a very rich flavor
but are very smooth.

Gispert both natural and Maduro are an ok smoke.  Again I prefer the Maduro
the natural are great if your new to cigars
Quorum:  These are an ok smoke..nothing super great but will do nice for fishing!
Consuegra:  If you have been smoking cigars for some time, you know consuegra's are very good
for the money, most of the time in the bundle one cigar may not be the same as the next but for the money they are very good in taste and for your budget
Maroma Cigars:  These are a great cigar in Maduro if you get a chance to try one do so.
Very mild, cigar. See a complete review of C & V Here
A Mild to medium cigar..not very complex in flavor, but not to bad for a budget cigar
Bahia B Line..I think these were a close out, Some of the smaples I had were great for the money...Others had burn issues
Very Nice Cigar
Partags black are very nice.  Smooth but very full of flavor
Cigars International Legends, Copper label.  These have a sweet taste to them very mellow
but lots of flavor.  A must try if you like a sweeter cigar.
CAO cigars are very nice and the Brazilia is no exception.  Just a great smoke.
Quintero:  These are very nice, I think a close out now though.

La Finca:  These are fair priced and an excellent cigar
Dominique: Very Nice Cigar
Boardwalk: A decent cigar for a fair price

Mexican Segundos: These are ok for a yard smoke.
Fine Catch: Excellent cigar! A must try.

Carinos: An Excellent Cigar In Maduro and Natural both.

Hamiltons House Selection:  Mild tasting, enjoyable.


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