Tuesday, May 17, 2011

La Finca - Fuma Corta Cigar Review

 La Finca has been around for years and is a great bargain for any cigar smoker.
Still a stand by that wont let you down.

The La Finca line up has a nice deal for Bargain smokers the
"Bundled versions" 
The one here is the Fuma Corta
(natural)  Size: 5.5x46
Wrapper is Medium brown in color not to bad looking for a bundle smoke.
The shape is Parejo with a pig tail cap.
*Note:  This version of the La Finca is not the long filler version
this is a medium filler cigar.

To be fair about 25 to30 of these have been smoked before this review and over
the years of smoking cigars the count of how many of these smoked have been lost.

The initial appearance of the  cigars were pretty much the same a medium
brown wrapper with some veins, had one or two that were darker than the
rest but not a big deal really.

The pig tail cap is nice because a cigar cutter isn't really needed with these.
If you pull the pigtail while the cigar is in the cello with one hand and hold
the cigar with the other and pull the tail will come off and you have a small
hole to draw smoke from if you wish to try, just be careful not to  split
the wrapper.

Initial lighting of the cigar is easy and the draw is nice, I didn't have a single cigar
out of everyone smoked that had a plug or tight draw.

Lots of smoke with a light flaky gray ash.  The taste on first light is mild
I wouldn't say these are a medium body to start, more of a light body, and the
tobacco taste is middle of the road, not overwhelming or overpowering.

One thing that I always have noticed with these is they don't hold a good ash.
The ash falls very easy so be careful, but to me that isn't a hugh thing, the cigar
still tastes nice.

I would say just about mid to half way through a little more flavor starts picking
up, it still isn't a overly complex flavor but a nice old fashioned straight forward

The wrapper never ends up splitting and these do burn very even for a mixed
filler cigar.  I cant remember having one that burnt uneven.  At this point the cigar
has a nice medium body flavor that I have found very nice.  The surprise to me is
always the same.  If you can get these on Sale they are a real bargain.

Don't mind smoking these past the band at all.  Loads of smoke an even burn and
a nice medium flavor, never got harsh at all.

If you never tried La Finca these are a must try.  They are an old brand but they never have failed
me.  If these are on sale or not they are affordable enough to give a try. Very good cigars for the money.


  1. Thanks for the review. I have smoked 14 ammo cans of the LaFinca that comes that way. Not consistent...some dogs...some amazing. They are my work around cigar. But, as I said, I like them well enough to have smoked 14 cans of them so when I got a chance to get these fuma cortas for about 65 cents a stick on auction, I got nine bundles. I have not received them yet, but your review makes me glad I took the chance. Thanks.

  2. Get tasting bargain but just to note, no matter what, I get a split wrapper. Its not my humidor or smoking enviorment because every other brand is fine. It has a very thin but tasty wrapper.