Wednesday, March 2, 2011

New Cigar Selection that will save money in the economy

Several posts back a list was made of budget saving cigars.

Some cigars to add to the list that will save you some money
in the economy are listed below.  Cheap decent cigars are getting
hard to find!

1.  Fine Catch Cigars.  These are excellent long
     filler cigars that are budget saving. 
     the taste and burn are great.
     These are available through

2.  L. Lynn Fumas.  These are mixed filler cigars
     and for the money they are hard to beat.
      The curly heads top in at $16 before shipping.
     These aren't Padron quality but for the money
     and a bundle of 25 smokes these are decent.
      go to the specials and close outs page.

3.  These cigars are mentioned more than once but
      they deserve another mention.  La Finca.
      La finca has been around for awhile, and the value
      you get from these are worth the money. 
      Two of the bundle cigars in the line up
      Cazadore and Fuma Corta can be had on sale
      at times for around $20 to $25 before shipping
      for a bundle of 25.
      Currently JR cigars are running a deal on these

Check back as deals on budget cigars when found will
be posted.