Saturday, December 31, 2011

Tuesday, December 27, 2011

Even More Cigar Bands added

A quick update to the growing list of cigar bands page.

2 New cigar bands have been added

Dominique and
Hamiltons House Selection

Cigar Bands and Cigar Descriptions

Saturday, December 24, 2011

The Trouble with your cigar

Here is a cigar scenario that may have happened to you.

You just purchased a cigar you have been dying to try from your local smoke shop.

Without thinking first thing after taking it out of the cello you do is tear the cigar band off
and along with it comes half the cigar leaf!

You light the cigar after feeling like you just wrecked the whole damn thing, and you were
right.   Even though the first part of the cigar was good, the wrapper is unravelling
like paper.

Here is a cigar tip if you don't know this already. 

Before you take the band off your cigar for your collection, try smoking half or more
of the cigar.   The heat from the stogie will loosen up the band and should peel
apart easily.

Tuesday, December 20, 2011

Cigar Band Page Update Carinos

A New band has been added to the line up on the cigar bands page.
If you want to see the  Stogie bands page..... the link is posted below.

Also a brief review of Carinos Cigar.

This is a nice cigar for the money, both the Maduro and Natural Versions
have been tried.  In order to give a lengthy opinion on the smoke a few
more samples will be tried but initially these burn great and have a
excellent draw.

The Maduro is favored here, very earthy flavors with a rich looking
dark maduro leaf.

Cigar Bands and Cigar Descriptions

Friday, May 20, 2011

La Finca Fuma Corta Cigar Ash

In the previous post.  The La Finca Cigar review the cigar ash was mentioned
about being flaky and falling off.  Most of the cigars smoked this was the case.

Once in awhile the ash does hold up well on these.  Posted below
is a photo of the ash on a La Finca Fuma Corta before dropping off.

Tuesday, May 17, 2011

La Finca - Fuma Corta Cigar Review

 La Finca has been around for years and is a great bargain for any cigar smoker.
Still a stand by that wont let you down.

The La Finca line up has a nice deal for Bargain smokers the
"Bundled versions" 
The one here is the Fuma Corta
(natural)  Size: 5.5x46
Wrapper is Medium brown in color not to bad looking for a bundle smoke.
The shape is Parejo with a pig tail cap.
*Note:  This version of the La Finca is not the long filler version
this is a medium filler cigar.

To be fair about 25 to30 of these have been smoked before this review and over
the years of smoking cigars the count of how many of these smoked have been lost.

The initial appearance of the  cigars were pretty much the same a medium
brown wrapper with some veins, had one or two that were darker than the
rest but not a big deal really.

The pig tail cap is nice because a cigar cutter isn't really needed with these.
If you pull the pigtail while the cigar is in the cello with one hand and hold
the cigar with the other and pull the tail will come off and you have a small
hole to draw smoke from if you wish to try, just be careful not to  split
the wrapper.

Initial lighting of the cigar is easy and the draw is nice, I didn't have a single cigar
out of everyone smoked that had a plug or tight draw.

Lots of smoke with a light flaky gray ash.  The taste on first light is mild
I wouldn't say these are a medium body to start, more of a light body, and the
tobacco taste is middle of the road, not overwhelming or overpowering.

One thing that I always have noticed with these is they don't hold a good ash.
The ash falls very easy so be careful, but to me that isn't a hugh thing, the cigar
still tastes nice.

I would say just about mid to half way through a little more flavor starts picking
up, it still isn't a overly complex flavor but a nice old fashioned straight forward

The wrapper never ends up splitting and these do burn very even for a mixed
filler cigar.  I cant remember having one that burnt uneven.  At this point the cigar
has a nice medium body flavor that I have found very nice.  The surprise to me is
always the same.  If you can get these on Sale they are a real bargain.

Don't mind smoking these past the band at all.  Loads of smoke an even burn and
a nice medium flavor, never got harsh at all.

If you never tried La Finca these are a must try.  They are an old brand but they never have failed
me.  If these are on sale or not they are affordable enough to give a try. Very good cigars for the money.

Saturday, April 23, 2011

Attack of the Tobacco Beetle

Recently this was found in the humidor.  Wont mention the cigar brand or cigar
retailer these were purchased from.   I assume most retailer's dealing with tons
of cigars have this happen once and awhile.

Just beware to check the cigars that you order!

Suggestion:  You may already do this but it doesn't hurt being said.
Remove all cello from the cigar's you recently ordered and inspect each one. 
This may save you allot of heartache and money in the long run.
Tobacco beetle's can totally destroy your cigar collection.

It would also be wise to keep checking your humidor temp and humidity
on a regular basis to avoid this with any cigars your already have.

Thursday, April 14, 2011

Remembering the Maria Mancini Segundo

Years ago Maria Mancini cigars were sold not only in boxes but bundles.
These fine tobaccos were marketed and sold as Segundo's or seconds. 

Don't get me wrong, there is nothing wrong with the boxed Maria Mancini, it is a great cigar.  At the time though the Segundo's were sold in bundles of 25 and you couldn't tell them apart from the boxed version, or at least if you could tell you would be hard pressed to find a difference.  To me they smoked, looked and felt exactly like the boxed version right down to the band.

As far as I know the maria Mancini Segundo is no longer made.  Originally you could get a bundle of 25 cigars for around 19.95 and shipping and they were worth every penny.  If these fine smokes ever become available again online or elsewhere they would certainly be worth a try if the price, taste and all were the same.

Wednesday, March 2, 2011

New Cigar Selection that will save money in the economy

Several posts back a list was made of budget saving cigars.

Some cigars to add to the list that will save you some money
in the economy are listed below.  Cheap decent cigars are getting
hard to find!

1.  Fine Catch Cigars.  These are excellent long
     filler cigars that are budget saving. 
     the taste and burn are great.
     These are available through

2.  L. Lynn Fumas.  These are mixed filler cigars
     and for the money they are hard to beat.
      The curly heads top in at $16 before shipping.
     These aren't Padron quality but for the money
     and a bundle of 25 smokes these are decent.
      go to the specials and close outs page.

3.  These cigars are mentioned more than once but
      they deserve another mention.  La Finca.
      La finca has been around for awhile, and the value
      you get from these are worth the money. 
      Two of the bundle cigars in the line up
      Cazadore and Fuma Corta can be had on sale
      at times for around $20 to $25 before shipping
      for a bundle of 25.
      Currently JR cigars are running a deal on these

Check back as deals on budget cigars when found will
be posted.

Saturday, February 5, 2011

Fine Catch Cigars

Awaiting a shipment of  budget  cigars sometime
can leave you wondering if your going to
be stuck with a cigar that isn't the worlds best.

This isn't the case with fine catch.

The size ordered was Sunfish
5.25 by 46
Country of Origin: Dominican Republic
Wrapper: Brazilian
Binder: Dominican
Filler: Dominican, Nicaraguan

These are sold by

Initial impression.  Most of the wrappers were consistent
in color and appearance...A darker brown in appearance
that reminds me of a chocolate color.

One was smoked right out of the bundle without any
humidor rest and the cigar smoked perfectly.
A perfect draw with no running or uneven burn.
loads of smoke and the flavor is excellent!
A nice medium flavor that can be smoked right to
the nub.

A full review will be done after more humidor time
but for now these are a must try, at the price being

Monday, January 17, 2011

Lighting a Large to

If you have found yourself liking larger ring gauge cigars
you may find this tip useful.

Sometimes lighting a single match with a larger
sized cigar you may find that your match will go
out before you toast or light your cigar entirely.

You may have even found that you have lit
your cigar uneven or caused a burn issue

Something to try....

Take two matches and hold
them in a V fashion between your
thumb and index finger and strike them.  This
will make a wider flame and you should be
able to get more of an even light on your stogie.