Thursday, December 30, 2010

Great Deals on Cigars for your mobile phone

Almost everyone has a Mobile phone these days
and along with most phones, apps are the norm.

one of the best ...apps found  that runs great
cigar deals once an hour is the Cigar Monster app.

The Cigar Monster app is totally FREE and takes
no time at all to download onto your device.

This app also has a "cigar Monster Mash UP"

This app is highly recommended for great
cigar deals!

You can get this app here

Sunday, December 19, 2010

BRAVO Sosegado..thoughts on a budget Cigar

A new shipment of a cigar called "BRAVO"  Sosegado was ordered
and received.
The size ordered was rubusto a 5 x 48.
A bundle of these can be purchased for 21.00
US dollars before shipping charges right now.

A complete review of this cigar cant be done yet, more need
to be sampled first.  Only one cigar was smoked and the one
smoked was very nice and had allot of decent flavor, with
a very nice draw, even burn.

What can be said this far as well.  All the samples looked at were
nicely constructed and rolled.  Wrappers are off a bit on color
from cigar to cigar but still very nice for the budget
saving wallet.

A complete cigar review will be done in the future on this
smoke after more time in the humidor.

Friday, December 10, 2010

Cigar Band Collection..Journal

If you have been smoking cigars for awhile and saved
a whole bunch of cigar bands you may have thought
more than once. 

" I love the artwork on cigar bands
what can I do with them"?

One thing you may want to do on a rainy day is to
make a collage.  Get a large piece of wood and glue
them down overlapping in different directions.  This
can be framed as  well.

This can make a nice conversation piece for your office,
smoking space, or man cave.

Another thing you can do with your cigar bands is
to start a cigar journal with notes and thoughts
of the cigars you have tried.

You can also view a collection of cigar ands here
on the blog, where more will be added.

Saturday, December 4, 2010

How to..Cigar Is Burning Crooked

One thing that can be a little tricky especially if you are new
to cigars is an uneven burn.  Some call this a Canoe burn..
or a burn that runs up one side of your cigar,

Some tips and trick to help with this.

One thing that can cause a cigar to burn uneven is how well
the cigar was rolled to start, if the smoke wasn't rolled well
you can get an uneven burn.

Another reason a cigar can burn uneven is if the cigar
wasn't lit evenly, If your cigar isn't lit evenly to start
a cigar can run on one side.
Try turning or rolling your cigar when you initially light it
with an even wide flame, and don't puff until you
see an even gray ash...this may help.

One way to even up a cigar that is burning poorly is
by touching up the side that is burning uneven with
your lighter.