Tuesday, November 30, 2010

My hand rolled cigar keeps going out...Why?

There can be more than one reason why you have a cigar that keeps going
out once lit.

Hand made or hand rolled cigars do not have a ton of chemicals in them
like a cigarette or like a cheaper grocery store cigar so they will go out if
left in an ash tray for some time, or if you don't puff on the cigar once in awhile.

Another reason why a hand rolled cigar may not stay lit is if your sticks
are over humidified or very moist. 
If your cigar feels very spongy and you have found that no matter
what you do the cigar goes out more than likely it has absorbed to
much moisture from your humidor.

One thing you can try to fix this is simply leave the bundle/box
outside your humidor for a couple days while you are equalizing
your humidor level.  Give them a try after this time period and you
may be surprised at what a difference this will make.

Sunday, November 28, 2010

How to repair your cigar..split your wrapper

I know this has happened to any cigar smoker more than once.

You have a cigar you have been saving for a special
occasion in your stash of smokes.  Maybe a cohiba!
You go to take it out of your humidor and the end of
the wrapper is split!

"Great Now What"?

There can be more than one thing that causes this.
Check your humidification level.  A cigar that is
over humidified can swell up and split!

Could just be a fragile wrapper and the split was
there when the cigar was rolled.

For whatever reason this happened and the split
is low enough by the foot.  (this is where I
have mostly seen them) 

Take your guillotine style cutter out and snip above
the split.   You may loose an inch or so off your cigar
but this is better than tossing the whole thing.

One thing I have found.  If your going to get a cigar
cutter of this style.  Be sure it will fit larger ring gauge
cigars.  If you have a larger sized cigar and your cutter
only goes up to a 50 ring your not going to be able to
slip the cutter around the cigar.

Thursday, November 25, 2010

Holiday Cigar Selection

OK so Christmas is almost here and Thanksgiving is upon us
and you want a nice cigar for one or all of these special days.

Here are some suggestions especially for the cigar

Before you throw down some hard earned cash on a full
box of smokes, try buying several five packs of
various brands.  This is a great way to sample different
cigar without throwing allot of money away on cigars
you may not like.

SINGLES!  Buy as many single cigar brands as you can.
Enough said.

Visit your local retailer and ask for suggestions.
Any shop owner worth his salt will be more than
happy to offer suggestions based upon your
smoking level, and I have been in more than one
shop that have thrown me free cigars just to try
them.  Most shop owners are more than happy
to talk with you especially if your new into the
cigar scene.

Another option, especially if your new to cigars
and I think I covered this in a different post, is
to stick with easy smoking cigars.  There are
many very mild cigars on the market that
are great to start with such as Macanudo.

Since this is a "Working Cigar Blog"  you may
want to try and save a few bucks as well this
year, especially with the economy.  Try
having a look at this post with a bunch of
wallet saving cigars.

Monday, November 22, 2010

How to Save Money on Cigars

Some things to remember when trying to save money
purchasing handmade cigars.

If you have read some of the previous posts on this
blog you know you can stretch your cigar money
by purchasing bundle cigars.

Something to think about.

1.  Bookmark your favorite  cigar web retailers
      and watch daily for sales and specials.
     Sign up for the newsletters from these sites.
     Most of the time when your favorite
     cigar site has specials an email will be sent.

2. If you have a favorite smoke try to buy them
    in bulk when specials are in place.  For example
    maybe buy 2 to 4 bundles, in the long run
    you will save on shipping and price paid
    per cigar.

3.  Also remember if you purchase a large quantity..

     ...of cigars they will have to be stored in a humidor.
     If you don't have a humidor large enough think
     about making a coolidor.  This is an economical
     way to make a humidor...(future post)

4.  There are plenty of close out deals to be had from
     most cigar web stores.

5.  One last tip.  Try your local cigar retailer for cigar
     deals as well.  Sometimes they have unadvertised
     specials and or close outs, and you never know when
    they might be cleaning out there humidor for the year.

Thursday, November 18, 2010

Top five favorite cigar quotes

1.  If  I cannot smoke in heaven, then I shall not go."
     Mark Twain

2.  Aint no such thing as a cheap cigar, especially a free one!

3.  Given the choice between a woman and a cigar, I will always
     choose the cigar."
     Groucho Marx

4.  I have made it a rule never to smoke more that one cigar at
     a time.
     Mark Twain

5.  I drink a great deal. I sleep a little, and I smoke cigar after cigar.
     That is why I am in      two-hundred-percent form." 
     Winston Churchill

Monday, November 15, 2010

Cheroot Looking Cigar

These are actually called Stonewood cigars.  They come in foil
packs of 8 cigars each that are resealable.
These come in 4 flavors that I have found.
Sweet, Mild, Honey Berry and Honey.

I was drawn in by the price of these and I have always
been fond of the Cheroot style cowboy cigars.

Construction of these cigars are rough and rustic
with a shaggy foot.  Most of the cigars touched were
soft to the touch and very fresh when received.

A note on the shaggy foot.  Before lighting if
you have a cigar cutter, clip the extra tobacco
this will help with an even light.

A picture of each flavor or cigar burning
pictures aren't posted below instead one cigar
picture was taken and a brief recap of all the smokes.

I have found this flavor to my taste the worst
of the bunch.  These have almost a perfume
type taste with very little tobacco flavor
and are very one dimensional.
I have found that they do burn and smoke well
though with no draw issues.

There aren't to bad.  The sweet seem to have a light
sweetness to them, not over powering flavor.
I did find (this goes for all of them).
The wrapper's range in color to a light leaf
to a dark what looks like maduro and with the
sweet if you get a darker wrapper they have allot
of flavor.

Again the honey have a slight sweet flavor, I don't
know if I would call it honey but there is a sweetness
to them.  These are OK, but nothing major in complex
tobacco flavor. Overall they aren't to bad though.

These with the sweet are the 2 I found to be the best,
The mild version is what I would say are the closest
to a natural cigar with no flavoring.  These are the
nicest of the bunch, very mild, not  harsh.   Light
tobacco taste.

I have found that all of these burned well with no draw
issues.  For the money 48 cigars at a 4 1/4" size
with ring gauge at about 30 these aren't to bad.

They are especially nice if you don't have time for
a large cigar.  You wont be out a load of funds
to try them I have found that with shipping you can
get all 48 for a little under $30

Saturday, November 13, 2010

What is a Short Filler cigar

A short filler cigar or sandwich cigar, is usually a cigar
that has trimmings or smaller cut pieces inside
of the cigar's wrapper and binder.

Some short fill cigars are cut  from a premium line of
cigars, table cuttings or "scrap" but not always.

Many bundle brand cigars are short or medium fill and
can be bought at a budget price, many smoke just fine
and taste nice and can save you some money when looking
to purchase a bundle.

Allot of times a short fill cigar may burn somewhat
uneven or hot, and when the cap is cut you can get
tobacco in your mouth but as said above if your trying
to save a few bucks you may want to try a bundle.