Sunday, October 10, 2010

C&V Conti Cigars Review

As far as price point goes for budget cigars this one is hard to beat.
bundles of 20 rubustos  for  16.50 plus shipping.

C&V Cigars have a Sumatra wrapper and Dominican Cuban seed

I smoked 3 of these before this review.  Usually I like to smoke
10 to 25 cigars before a review but I didn't feel there would be
any large improvements here from cigar to cigar.

As far as appearance goes, the wrapper on these are nothing too
attractive.  They are lighter to medium brown in appearance
and my initial touch to the cigar told me.  "Dry".

I was right cutting into the cap the cap and tobacco in the
cap seem to disintegrate into nothing.

Same goes for initial lighting of C&V.  The taste of dry
or perhaps even a stale "tobacco taste" was present.

These have a very mild flavor to start, mixed with traces
of what I thought were stale tobaccos.   The burn also
started running uneven.

The flavor built up and started tasting a little nicer about less than
half way through and they also started burning a little more even.
Or so I thought....

The wrapper started to split running until it hit the band.  This
will more then likely throw the burn off the cigar.
As a side note, the smoke that comes off of these is moderate
white clouds, that are sorta fragrant.  Out of the smokes I had one
had a tight draw and the others had a perfect draw.

The ash held nicely and seemed a bit flaky and then suddenly
dropped off, as you can see the wrapper started getting worse
as I puffed on this Budget Smoke.

The flavor doesn't have any drastic change at the point, it is
kinda mellow, nothing ever really builds up to a fabulous
richness or complex profile here.

I still taste a slight stale flavor.

This cigar became a real mess  right to the band so I decided
to remove the band and see if this would straighten up a bit.

It did start to even up, and the flavor did change to a medium
body but still nothing epic.  Sorta like hot smoke with traces
of stale tobacco.

Finally at the end the burn is getting better but that is all that did get
better.  The flavor is nothing to write home about.

I will also add out of the cigars I had this one burned the worse, the
other's  didn't burn and break apart this bad,

These wouldnt be ranked in my opinion as one of the best budget
Buys out there.  I do belive you can get better for the money.  This
being said.  If you want to fill your humidor, to have smokes on
hand for your buddies or to pass out on a fishing trip.  Maybe give
them a shot.

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