Wednesday, October 20, 2010

Save your cigar Boxes

If you are a cigar smoker and people know it you may get
asked from time to time.  "Do you have any extra cigar boxes"?

There is a good reason for that question.
If you don't smoke cigars the boxes that allot of higher
end premium cigars come in are not only a work of art
but they can also be used to store many more things than

Listing some ideas here:  drill bits, buttons, money!, craft
supplies, paint, pens and pencils, ammo, shoe polish
and many more things.

There are also folks who make cigar box guitar's from cigar
boxes, and even purses.

If you smoke cigars and have a large humidor or coolidor
cigar boxes can be used to store your mixed cigar brands.
You can even use them for stacking cigars for aging your

Monday, October 18, 2010

Pipe Tamper...Great for your cigar nub!

Have you ever smoked a cigar and you have found that
you enjoyed the smoke so much you just wish it wouldn't end.

If you smoke cigars and have been for some time you know
you have burned your fingers more than once trying to get
one more puff out of the best cigar you ever smoked.

Here is where a pipe tamper might help you.

Not only can this tool help with a tight cigar, (as show in
a previous post)  but when you get down to the end and
you want just a couple more puffs.  Poke the sharp pointed
tool through the cap end of your cigar and you can get just
a little more out of your cigar.

Saturday, October 16, 2010

New Cuba Cigar Review

New Cuba is a Nicaraguan bundle brand that for the money over all isn't to
bad a cigar.

The size sampled below is a Toro size 6 x 50

Initial look at New Cuba Cigar Wrapper is kinda rough in appearance.
Several large veins and a little on the rustic side.  The cigar also has
a soft feel to it.

The Cap cut cleanly, but I think these are medium to short filler as opposed to long filler from what I can tell just by cutting it.

New Cuba lit nice and easily with a very easy draw.  No struggles pulling 
smoke through the cigar.

The taste I would say is an even smooth mild body  to start.  Not harsh at all,
pleasant but not real earth  shattering either.

The burn is nice, and the draw is still perfect, the flavor profile is a mild
taste but nice.  Some light peppery flavor.  one thing that is noticeable is
the ash is very light and flaky so be careful it doesn't dump off in your

I have to say this cigar isn't to bad at all so far for what I think is a  medium
or shorter fill the flavor and burn are nice.  At this point in the cigar the flavor is changing a bit to a little more than a lighter body to a medium body.
Still I taste nothing harsh, just a clean even smoke so far.

Right about at this point New Cuba really starts tasting nice.  The cigar opens
up a little more and the flavor profile is an even medium body.  Loads of smoke and the burn is still even.

I am really enjoying this cigar, for the $$$ it isn't to bad at all.  Only complaint
is you get a load of tobacco in your mouth because of the shorter filler.
This is to be expected though with any cigar that is a medium or short filler
and a fully cut cap.

Overall this is a nicer cigar for about a 1.50 a piece.  I would say a mild to medium with a very nice tobacco flavor.   The draw was easy all the way
until the end.  This cigar also produced a large amount of smoke.
If your looking for an economical priced cigar you might want to give
New Cuba a try.

Friday, October 15, 2010

Cigar has a tight draw. Cigar plug!

This has happened more than once.   You just purchased
a brand new cigar to try and you get all set to smoke it
and find out it is rolled so tight you can't even get a draw
off it.

Before you get ready to toss it in the garbage you may want
to try a few things to loosen it up.

One trick is try rolling it between your fingers firmly
feeling for the plug, or if there is one.  Sometimes you
can loosen up a tight cigar this way.

There are also another trick that might work if the plug
is toward the head of the cigar.

Get a pipe tamper for a few dollars and keep it on hand.
One end comes to a sharp point.  Slowly and very carefully
push this into the cigar.   You may have to try this a few
times but this may loosen up your smoke as well.

A word of caution.  Be careful not to force the pointed
end into the cigar, go very slowly, sometimes this
can cause your wrapper to split.  But it's worth a try
especially if you put out some $$$$ on a decent cigar.

Thursday, October 14, 2010

Budget saving cigars In the Economy

OK one of the reason's for this blog is trying to keep
cigars lovers in the know about affordable or budget

If you been into stogies for awhile we all know it isn't
getting any cheaper to smoke a decent cigar. 
One of the main reasons Taxes.

This being said there are still some real good
reasonably priced cigars on the market.

Without doing an individual review for each
cigar, below are the top ten picks for budget
cigar that I have found.

Reviews are to come more than likely on some of
the cigars listed below.  For now here is a main list
that I like.

The order isn't best to worse or anything, Just some
decent cigars that are usually readily available.

1. Consuegra
     These have been on the market for awhile
     and are great in value especially if you can get
     them on special.  Most of the time they are about
     1.50 a cigar depending on where you get them.
     They are long filler and both the maduro and
     natural are nice.

2. Rolly    
     Lost count of the amount of Rolly cigars I
      have smoked.  The wrappers on these are on the
     rough side and the filler isn't long, but they taste
     and smoke great.  The maduro is very nice.

3. Rosa Cuba
    Sometimes I have gotten a plugged cigar now
    and then on these, but when they are on they
    smoke nice and the taste is usually great. I would
    say a medium body smoke.

4. Mr. B    
     These I have found the maduro to have more flavor
      than the natural.  They are nice fill in smokes.

5. Flor De Oliva Bundles
     Again I favor the maduro in this brand.  They seem to have
     more flavor to me.  Theses offer allot of flavor for the money.
     Not the cheapest bundle brand out there but all I have ever had
    hae been very consistent.

6. JR Alternative brands (bundles)
     JR Cigars makes an alternative line.  There are way to many to
     list that are to my liking,  One that I favor is the JR alternative
     to the Ultimate in Maduro.  Very nice at a fair price.

7. LA Finca
     These are often forgotten about, but they are a heck of
      a value for the money, There is also a bundle line that
       that is very good for the money......Fuma Corta.

8. Villar y Villar
     This is another brand that is often over looked.  Used to
     be boxed but I think now are only bundled.  These are excellent
     for the money.  Wrappers don't seem to be very consistent
     from what I have seen but they taste great.   Prices range
     usually around 1.50 a cigar or less.

9. TNT Alternative to Punch
     TNT cigars offers alternative to more expensive
     cigars.  One that I favor is Punch Maduro.  I wouldn't
     say it exactly tastes like a punch, but they are great.
     Everyone I had burned great and smoked well with
     a nice flavor.

10. Famous Nicaraguan 1000
     Famous cigars offers a nice line of bundles.
     The Nic 1000, not real over powering, smooth

Wednesday, October 13, 2010

Remembering the Connecticut shade wrapper

If your newer to cigars you may not be to familiar with the Connecticut shade wrapper.  If you are a long time cigar lover you are familiar
with the silky appearance and taste of a Connecticut wrapped cigar.

It wasn't to long ago the Connecticut shade wrapper was what everyone
was smoking and today there are still many cigars sporting this wrapper.

These days seems like the trends have changed to a fuller cigar.  Nothing
wrong with that at all,  I am a lover of medium to fuller smokes. But it is easy to forget about the Connecticut shade wrapper when so many cigars on the market are offering, Corojo, Maduro, Habana and so on.

The Connecticut shade leaf, color, taste, the way it  burns is known for a smooth, even taste.  Not overwhelming at all, more often associated with a smoother mild cigar.

So what is a Connecticut shade wrapper?
The true Connecticut shade wrapper is grown in Connecticut good ol USA.
Grown under filtered lit tents that give the wrapper its color and thinner appearance .  A leaf that was grown unfiltered would be darker and more rustic in nature/color.

Other countries have tried to get the same taste and appearance as a true
Connecticut shade wrapper but no one can come close to a true Connecticut
wrapped cigar in my opinion.

Tuesday, October 12, 2010

Save your cigar tubes

Certain brands of cigars come in glass tubes.  One that comes to mind
is Partagas Black Label Crystal Cigars.

If you age your cigars and remove the cello you may want to save
these Crystal Glass tubes.  Some other brands of cigars also
have aluminum tubes, and plastic.

Saving these tubes makes transporting the cigars you removed
from cello easier.  This will also save your favorite smoke
from getting crushed in your golf bag, or shirt pocket.

You may also find these cigar tubes useful for other things
such as storing fishing sinkers, hooks, pencils, maybe golf tees
or whatever else you can think of.

Monday, October 11, 2010

Stretching your Cigar Budget, and changing flavor profile

Here is a cigar tip you may have tried already.  If not here goes.

There are several reasons to try cutting a handmade cigar in half.
This works especially well if you have larger sized cigars
such as Churchill's.

Some of you reading this that are hardcore cigar lovers such as
myself might be thinking.  What the....?

But for those that want to try this here are some reasons why.

1. Stretch your budget.
By cutting a cigar in half you can smoke both halves at different
point in your day.  If you already are smoking a budget
bundle of cigars, this will stretch your value even more.

2. Try to Change a cigars draw/flavor profile.
So you noticed that some of your budget smokes
don't taste the worlds best.  Or have a tight draw.
This may help with changing the flavor profile
on your cigar and if you have a tight spot in your smoke
this may loosen up where the plug is.

3.  Time Savor
So you don't have time to smoke a 7 inch cigar and you
don't want to spend allot on tin cigars.
You can try cutting one in half and you will turn a 45
minute cigar into a time saver.

Sunday, October 10, 2010

C&V Conti Cigars Review

As far as price point goes for budget cigars this one is hard to beat.
bundles of 20 rubustos  for  16.50 plus shipping.

C&V Cigars have a Sumatra wrapper and Dominican Cuban seed

I smoked 3 of these before this review.  Usually I like to smoke
10 to 25 cigars before a review but I didn't feel there would be
any large improvements here from cigar to cigar.

As far as appearance goes, the wrapper on these are nothing too
attractive.  They are lighter to medium brown in appearance
and my initial touch to the cigar told me.  "Dry".

I was right cutting into the cap the cap and tobacco in the
cap seem to disintegrate into nothing.

Same goes for initial lighting of C&V.  The taste of dry
or perhaps even a stale "tobacco taste" was present.

These have a very mild flavor to start, mixed with traces
of what I thought were stale tobaccos.   The burn also
started running uneven.

The flavor built up and started tasting a little nicer about less than
half way through and they also started burning a little more even.
Or so I thought....

The wrapper started to split running until it hit the band.  This
will more then likely throw the burn off the cigar.
As a side note, the smoke that comes off of these is moderate
white clouds, that are sorta fragrant.  Out of the smokes I had one
had a tight draw and the others had a perfect draw.

The ash held nicely and seemed a bit flaky and then suddenly
dropped off, as you can see the wrapper started getting worse
as I puffed on this Budget Smoke.

The flavor doesn't have any drastic change at the point, it is
kinda mellow, nothing ever really builds up to a fabulous
richness or complex profile here.

I still taste a slight stale flavor.

This cigar became a real mess  right to the band so I decided
to remove the band and see if this would straighten up a bit.

It did start to even up, and the flavor did change to a medium
body but still nothing epic.  Sorta like hot smoke with traces
of stale tobacco.

Finally at the end the burn is getting better but that is all that did get
better.  The flavor is nothing to write home about.

I will also add out of the cigars I had this one burned the worse, the
other's  didn't burn and break apart this bad,

These wouldnt be ranked in my opinion as one of the best budget
Buys out there.  I do belive you can get better for the money.  This
being said.  If you want to fill your humidor, to have smokes on
hand for your buddies or to pass out on a fishing trip.  Maybe give
them a shot.

Friday, October 8, 2010

Cigar Rotation Long term aging

If you have a humidor packed full of cigars and age your smokes you may
want to think about rotating your cigars.  Or at least give this a try
to see if you see any long term improvement in your cigars.

Now I know if you have been into cigars for a long time then you
may have your own opinion on this subject.

Here is what I like to do.

About every six months or so the cigars that are on the bottom of the
humidor take them out and rotate them to the top.

I believe this allow the cigar to get even humidification as opposed
to sitting at the bottom of the humidor.

Other notes on cigar aging.

Remove the cello or not?

I say yes.  If the plastic cellophane is left on your cigar for long term aging
they will age slower than a cigar with the cello taken off.

Cigar aging will covered more in a future post

Thursday, October 7, 2010

Lost your cigar cutter. Now what?

OK so you lost your cigar cutter, and we all know if your a long time
cigar smoker we usually have more than one, but you cant find your spare cutter anywhere.

Don't panic!!  You can still smoke your favorite cigar.  Get your self a sharp knife.  I mean good and sharp.  Hold on.  Please dont grab the first butter
knife you have in the kitchen drawer.  All this will do is mangle your cigar.
By a sharp knife I mean "SHARP"  almost like a razor. 

Take your knife and run the blade around the head of the cap of your
cigar in a circular motion like in the picture below and your all set to
puff away. 

This may take a little practice, so if you have some
kick around smokes try this cigar smoking tip on your
"not so great" cigars first.
Cigar cap cut with a sharp knife

Wednesday, October 6, 2010

Can Cigars be stored in a refrigerator?

This is one thing you dont want to do. 

Cigars should be stored in a properly humidified humidor.  Never place your precious stogiesin the refrigerator. 

The cold temps in your fridge can take away moisture
from your cigar and make them burn hot. 

Also cigars will almost absorb
the flavor's of what you have stored in your refrigerator, making your
smoke taste like pizza!  Or even an old clove of Garlic!

Tuesday, October 5, 2010

New to Cigar Smoking? What do I try?

If you are new to hand rolled cigars or are thinking about trying a cigar
your more than likely going to want to try a milder stogie.

You might have asked yourself.  "What do I try there are
so many choices"?

There are some good selections if you don't plan on buying
a whole box or bundle of cigars for a fair price.

One that comes to mind instantly in Macanudo.  These are
very easy on the pallet and are a nice way into cigars.

Another try would be Baccarat cigars made by Cammacho.
These are great stand by smokes with a sweet cap.  These
cigars have been around since the 70's and still are a favorite
by many who have been smoking for years.

Lastly Gispert in natural wrapper are mild-to-medium bodied
made in Honduras and have allot of flavor as well.

Sunday, October 3, 2010

Oliva Serie G Maduro Robusto Cigars Review

Before I start I have to say these are excellent. 

These aren't big budget savers, but they wont break you if you smoke em once and while  either.

I bought a five pack of these for about 12.00 or 13.00 with free shipping
on cigar monster so if you break that down a little over 2.00 a smoke
isn't to bad for what you get here.

I will also say if your a brand new green smoker I wouldn't recommend these.
I think they are billed as medium body but I would have to say they are more
medium to full.

The Robusto size is 4 1/2" by 50..Long Filler and come from Oliva.
These are Nicaraguan with a beautiful Connecticut Broadleaf Maduro wrapper.
These also have a nice box press as you can see from the picture.
Pre-light of this cigar.  Construction is excellent, I have smoked
a good number of these and all that I have had were firmly rolled
and pressed, and the wrappers are a very nice dark maduro color
with the occasional vein.

I used a double bladed cigar cutter to cut this and had no problems
destroying the rest of the cigar upon cutting.

This cigar has plenty of flavor from first light. If you love maduro's
there is plenty of sweet rich, dark flavors here.
As you can see from the pic Oliva Maduro rubusto burn's great, with a slight
off set, but nothing really major.  If you ask me the flavor is just super
on these so if it's burn is just off a hair no biggie.

The ash is firm and holds well, and these produce a large amount
of fragrant smoke. 

I will say the flavor gets even better the more
you smoke it down.  Very rich tasting, cocoa flavors and just plain
maduro goodness.

Beautiful burn, that went right to the band.  The more you smoke em, the richer the taste, and the draw on the entire cigar so far is excellent.
Even getting closer to the end the flavor never turned bitter on me or harsh, these are just great in every way you can think of.

I smoked this as long as I could hold it and I will tell you this stogie
never once went out, it burned great with a perfect draw all the way down
to the nub. 

I never tasted any trace of harshness.  The flavor was smooth
yet rich, almost like a dark chocolate. 

No big lingering after taste that made you sorry you smoked this.

If your a fan of maduro smokes I would definitely give Oliva Serie G
Maduro Robusto a try.

I will always try to keep some of these in the humidor.  I would  rate these
an easy 8.5 out of 10.