Thursday, September 30, 2010

Alteza Cigars

I got these on a weekend special through Holt's website.  I think I paid about
$15.00 with free shipping so for the price I had to grab em.  

They are long filler cigars with Ecuadorian wrappers.  They are a medium brown color and don't look to bad.  The wrapper is nice without allot of veins and all of the cigars I had were consistent in appearance. 

I smoked about ten of these before this review.  The construction is very good for the money as well, I was surprised, all were firm to the touch and out of all that I smoked I had only one that was kinda rolled to tight, but loosened up at about half way through it.
Size 4 x 52
Altez before lighting

Cutting the cap I did notice the wrapper is a hair bit thin, but nothing major where the whole smoke fell apart.  Initially on lighting I tasted allot of cedar flavors.   About 1/2" in the smoke it started burning a hair crooked, but the ash is nice and lots of smoke from this cigar.  I should add these draw very nice all the way to the end.

I also noticed after about half the smoke NICOTINE!  and allot of it.
If you like your cigars with allot of nicotine flavor these will be great for you.
As you can see the cigar did straighten out and the ash is very nice with tons of smoke.  I did taste light traces of cedar but I still think they are loaded with a high nicotine flavor.

The ash held firm almost to the band and fell off before I could get a picture.
I will say these are not highly complex, and other than the nicotine rush, they smoke and burn great.

Right down to the end these burned even and nothing changed for me in the way of flavor, for the money if you can get em on special they are great for an every day cigar, but be aware my opinion is they have a high dose of nicotine.

I would buy em again for the sale price...

As an update.  I noticed that even as this cigar gets warmer down to the nub, the band sticks to the cigar wrapper, so be carefull when removing, this can detroy the rest of your smoke by ripping the cigar leafe.

First Stogie Post

OK , this is the first post for what I have been trying to do for while now.
I have enjoyed many different cigars for about 14 plus years. 

Some expensive big brand names, some not.  Everyone that has been into
hand rolled cigars knows that the cost keeps going up for many reasons.

Taxes being the main reason and not everyone can afford to spend hundreds
on cigars. 

So I have a never ending quest to find the best budget cigar I can.
I will review smokes with budget in mind and throw in the occasional
"higher priced smoke". 

I will also post occasional updates on cigar tips!